• 1890 Died 11th August

    Buried at Rednal
  • 1879 Elevated to Cardinal by Pope Leo XIII

  • 1878 Elected Honorary Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford

  • 1875 ‘A Letter Addressed to his Grace the Duke of Norfolk’ published

    on infallibility and conscience in answer to Gladstone's accusation that ...
  • 1870 ‘An Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent’ published

  • 1864 ‘Apologia Pro Vita Sua’ and ‘Dream of Gerontius’ published

  • 1859 The Oratory School, Birmingham, opened

  • 1855 ‘Callista’ published

    The difficulties with the London Oratory result in a separation ...
  • 1854 Appointed Rector of the Catholic University of Ireland

  • 1853 Newman found guilty of libel in the Achilli case

  • 1850 Lectures on ‘The Scope and Nature of University Education’ given in Dublin.

    Founded the Catholic University of Ireland
  • 1850 ‘Lectures on Certain Difficulties’ given at the London Oratory

  • 1848 ‘Loss and Gain’

    The English Oratory founded in Old Oscott (Maryvale)
  • 1847 Completes preparatory studies in Rome. Ordained as a priest.

    With companions joined Oratory of St. Philip Neri
  • 1845 Received into Catholic Church

    "Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine" published.
  • 1843 “Sermons Preached before the University of Oxford” published

  • 1842 Resignation from St. Mary’s

  • 1833 “Arians of the Fourth Century” and “Tracts of Time” published

  • 1828 Vicar of University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

  • 1825 Ordained Priest in the Church of England

  • 1822 Elected Fellow of Oriel College Oxford

  • 1817 Undergraduate at Trinity College Oxford

  • 1808 Attended Ealing School

  • 1801 Born in City of London