2023/24 season

The next meeting of the Newman is on the 19th of October in Newman House.

The study topic for this season will be Newman’s Apology Pro Vita Sua, Penguin Classic publication. The introduction is by Ian Ker, world leading authority on Newman (deceased).

At the September meeting, the general background of the book was discussed. At the October (19th) meeting, we will look at the correspondence between Charles Kingsley and Newman which led Newman to produce the Apologia.


2022/23 season

Study book, Sept/Dec 2022       The Tamworth Reading Room by John Henry Newman


Meeting                           Study subject


15th September         Introduction (chapter 1)


20th October             Secular Knowledge and Moral Improvement (chapters 2 and 3)


17th November         Secular Knowledge and Social Unity  (chapters 4 and 5)


15th December          Secular Knowledge and Personal Religion (chapters 6 and 7)


2021/22 season


Study book, Sept/Dec 2021         Realizations, Newman’s Own Selection of his Sermons, edited by Fr Vincent Ferrer Blehl  

Meeting                          Study subject


16th September       Sermons 11, “Subjection of the Reason and Feelings to the Revealed Word”


18th November        Sermon 12, “Equanimity”


16th December        Sermons 13 “Peace in Believing”



Study Book, Jan/May 2022         Newman:  The Heart of Holiness by Fr Roderick Strange.

Meeting                          Study subject


20th January            Chapters I, 2 “Newman’s Journey”, “All that is, Seen and Unseen”


17th February         Chapters 3, 4  “Watching for Christ”, “Life in Christ”


16th March              Chapters 5, 6  “Christ in the Eucharist”, “At Prayer”


21st April                Chapters 7, 8 “In Darkness”, Pastoral Ministry”


19th May                 Chapters 9, 10 “A Talent for Educating”, “An Apologia for our Times”           




January 2020 meeting

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 15th January at 6.30 pm in Newman House.


Important notice

For reasons outside our control, the meeting scheduled for the 18th Dec. has been deferred to the New Year.


Talk by Angelo Bottone


To mark the canonization of John Henry Newman, Dr Angelo Bottone, member of the Newman Society of Ireland and philosophy lecturer, will give a talk on “Newman as Saint” in the Central Catholic Library (74 Merrion Sq, Dublin 2) on Thursday 17th October at 1 pm.  


Lecture by Ian Ker

In anticipation of John Henry Newman’s (founder of UCD) canonisation in Rome on 13th Oct 2019, UCD Chaplaincy is organising a public lecture by the leading internationally recognised Newman Scholar, Professor Ian Ker (Oxford University). This will take place in the George Moore Auditorium (O’Brien Science Wing) at 7 pm on Wednesday 9th October 2019. There will also be a panel of experts (Prof Daire Keogh, Deputy President DCU; Prof Kathleen Lynch, Prof Emerita UCD; and Joanna Siewierska, UCD SU President, to respond to Prof Ian’s paper and to stimulate audience participation. Panel discussion and audience participation will be compèred by Mick Peelo of RTE. Teresa

Iglesias, Professor Emerita UCD and Founding Director of the UCD International Centre for Newman Studies, will welcome and introduce Prof Ker.

The title of Ian Ker’s paper will be of general interest to educationalists, students and Newman scholars and devotees:
‘Useful or Useless? John Henry Newman’s Vision of Liberal Education Today’.

All are welcome. Light refreshments will be served.
Register for your free ticket here:


 2019-20 Season

During the forthcoming season the format of the monthly meetings will incorporate presentations of twenty minutes duration, by members who have agreed to speak about specific aspects of the life and teachings of Blessed John Henry Newman which are of particular interest to them.

The normal format of the meetings is as follows:

  1. Welcome followed by recitation of  Newman’s  reflection about trust in Divine Providence, and personal vocation
  2. Personal choice as agreed by a member at the preceeding meeting.
  3. Minutes and points arising.
  4. A poem by Newman chosen and presented by a member,  as agreed at the preceeding meeting.
  5. Intercessions.
  6. Study Subject as agreed; or Presentation by a member regarding an aspect of the life and output of Blessed John Henry Newman, followed by a responding discussion.
  7. Newman in the Media; and elsewhere e.g. encountered in literary sources.
  8. Any other business.
  9. Plan for next meeting.
  10. Concluding prayer and blessing.

With regard to item 6 of the Agenda the subjects for the Season 2019-2020 are as follows:                                             


18th September          Review of Cardinal Newman for Today – Liam Nolan

                                       Introduction to Realizations – John Coughlan

16th October               Sermon 1 “The Strictness of the Law of Christ”

20th November           Sermon 2 “Obedience without Love, As Instanced in the Character of Balaam”



15th January                

19th February           Sermon 3  “Love, the One Thing Needful”

18th March                  Sermons 4, 5 “The Ventures of Faith” & “The Weapons of Saints”

15th April                    Sermon 6 “Unreal Words”

20th May                      Sermon 7 “Remembrance of Past Mercies”


All the Sermons are from Fr. Vincent Blehl (edit.) Realizations: Newman’s Own Selection of His Sermons.


2018-19 Season

With regard to item 6 of the Agenda the subjects for the Season 2018-2019 are as follows:

19 September:      Presentation by Dr Matthew Potter on Newman and Monsell.

17 October:            Cardinal Newman for today; chapter 5: “The Flowering of Newman’s Theology of Tradition in the Second Vatican Council”.

14 November:       Presentation by David Murnaghan on Newman and Luther.

19 December:      Cardinal Newman for today; chapter 6: “In the Lists with the Doctrinal Liberals: the strategy and the struggle”.


16 January:            Presentation by Dr. Patrick Maume on Newman’s Letter to the Duke of Norfolk.

20 February:        Cardinal Newman for today; chapter 7: “Fidelity to Conscience, the Way to Truth”.

20 March:               To be confirmed.

17 April:                  To be confirmed.

15 May:                    To be confirmed.

2016-17 Season

The subjects for the Season 2016-2017 were as follows:


21 September:       “Love of Relations and  Friends” (p.p.s . Volume II, no. 5).

19 October:            “Newman and the Early Fathers of  the Church”:  a presentation by Noel Fitzpatrick.

16 November:       “The Dream of Gerontius”:     Part one.

21 December:      “The Dream of Gerontius”:   Part two  ( lines 170-513).


18 January:            “The Dream of Gerontius” :  Part two continued  (line 514  i.e. “I see no more those false   spirits” to the end i.e. line 900).

15 February:         ‘Newman and Sacred Scriptures’ : a presentation by Teresa Iglesias.

15 March:             “The Gospel of Joy“: a presentation by John Cogavin.

19 April:               “Newman and Islam”: a presentation by Angelo Bottone.

17 May:                ‘The month of  May’ ( from ‘Meditations and devotions’).


The meetings take place on the third Wednesday of each month, beginning at 6.30 pm in Newman House, concluding by 8 pm.

Theses are papers presented by members of the Newman Society at the monthly meetings.
Noel Fitzpatrick, “Newman and the Church Fathers“.
John Cogavin, “The Gospel of Joy“.


Thursday 2nd March at 1 P.M.

Cardinal Newman and the Novelist: The Study of Geraldine Penrose Fitzgerald, an Anglo-Irish Victorian Convert

Dr. Patrick Maume

Central Catholic Library
74 Merrion Square, Dublin 2



2015-16 Season

During the 2015-16 season the Apologia pro Vita Sua was read, which we last studied during 2006-07. It was apportioned as follows:


16 September: Chapter One (To 1833)

21 October:      Chapter Two ( 1833 – 1839)

18 November: Chapter Three (1839 – 1841)

16 December: Chapter Four, Part One (1841 – 1845)


20 January: Chapter Four, Part Two (1841 – 1845)

17 February: Chapter Five (Since 1845)

16 March:  Appendix ‘Lying and Equivocation’

20 April:    Appendix ‘Sermon on Widsom and Innocence’

18 May:     Appendix ‘Liberalism’

The meetings take place on the third Wednesday of each month, beginning at 6.30 pm in Newman House, concluding by 8 pm.

Personal choices
Theses are personal choices presented by members of the Newman Society at the monthly meetings.
John Coughlan, “Newman and his sisters“.
The Newman Society of Ireland is organising a Day Retreat based on the spirituality of Blessed John Henry Newman.  It is scheduled to take place at Manresa Retreat House Dollymount Dublin 3 (01 8331352,  01 8336497) on 25th April 2015 (Saturday). 
The retreat will be directed by Fr. Dermot Mansfield SJ, author of acclaimed biography of Blessed John Henry Newman  ‘Heart Speaks to Heart’ (Veritas 2010).  
 Registration will be at 9 30 am. First lecture: ‘Newman’s Theology of the Incarnation’ at 10 00am.
 Cost, including meal, € 50.  A deposit of € 10 will secure a place.
If you are interested, or wish to have more information, please contact Dick Dunne Hon. 01 8480728 or Dr. Niall Tierney, President of Newman Society, by email at,   

2014-15 Season

During the past Season we have studied four more of Newman’s own selection of his Parochial and Plain Sermons. With regard to the discussion subjects the following is the plan for the forthcoming season:

17th September “The Greatness and Littleness of Human Life” (P.P.S. vol. 4 n. 14: October 23rd, 1836).   Agenda

15th October “Waiting for Christ” (P.P.S. vol. 6 n. 17: December 6th, 1836).

From November through February 2015 the subject matter is to be The Tamworth Reading Room: letters published in the Times by Newman in 1841 under the pseudonym  Catholicus.

19th November Letter 1  “Secular Knowledge in contrast with Religion”.

17th December Letter 2 “Secular Knowledge not the principle of Moral Improvement” and Letter 3 “Secular Knowledge not a direct means of Moral Improvement”.

21st January Letter 4 “Secular Knowledge not antecedent of Moral Improvement” and Letter 5 “Secular Knowledge not a principle of Social Unity”.

18th February Letter 6 “Secular Knowledge not a Principle of Action” and Letter 7 “Secular Knowledge without Personal Religion tends to Unbelief”.

From March through May 2015 we complete the study of the thirteen Parochial and Plain Sermons selected by Newman on behalf  of a Wexford born priest Robert Whitty (1817-95)

18th March “Subjection of the Reason and Feelings to the Revealed World” (P.P.S. vol. 6 n. 18: December 13th, 1836).

15th April “Equanimity” (P.P.S. vol. 5 n. 5: December 22nd, 1839).

20th May “Peace in Believing” (P.P.S. vol. 6 n. 25: May 26th, 1839).

On Sunday 12th October 2014 a Mass with special reference to Blessed John Henry Newman, whose feast is 9th October, is scheduled to take place at 11.00 am in University Church St Stephen’s Green. A similar celebration is to take place on Sunday 22nd February 2015, the day after Newman’s birthday. On both occasions the Mass is to be followed by a meal at Buswells hotel.

The first meeting of the Newman Society of Ireland was held on the 21st of October, 1996.

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